Seller Guide

In this section, you will find valuable information and insights to support your selling journey on FurForge. We have gathered key notes that sellers may find useful in maximizing your success on our platform. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, these important tips and guidelines will help you navigate the selling process and make the most of your experience. Let's explore these notes and unlock new opportunities for your artwork and merchandise!

Shipping - Important!

It is crucial for sellers to set up this section properly to ensure a smooth experience for buyers from different regions. Failure to do so may result in buyers being notified that the item is unavailable in their specific region. To avoid any confusion, here are some important steps to setting up your account.

From the members area, visit the "Postage Setup" page, available under Selling > Seller Tools > Postage Setup.

From here, there are several options you may configure relating to the shipping of your products. From here you may select where you will ship your products to. Choosing worldwide will allow buyers from anywhere to purchase your goods, rather than only buyers in your country.