Site Fees

At FurForge, we charge a nominal fee for user verification to cover the costs associated with validating user identities and maintaining a secure marketplace. This process helps build trust among buyers and sellers, reduces the risks of fraudulent activities, and ensures a safer environment for all users.

We also offer promotional features such as featuring listings on the home page or 'highlighting' listings to provide additional visibility for our users. To maintain the effectiveness and quality of these promotional spots, we charge slightly higher fees compared to other sites. This approach helps us prevent an overwhelming number of listings in the featured and highlighted sections, ensuring that each promoted listing receives adequate attention and maximizing the benefits for our users.

We want to ensure the best possible experience for our users, which is why we charge fees. These fees help cover the costs of essential aspects such as software, hosting, storage, and the time dedicated to reviewing listings. By doing so, we can maintain a reliable platform and provide the necessary resources for a seamless and secure buying and selling experience. Your support through these fees directly contributes to the continued improvement and functionality of FurForge.

We also welcome donations directly to support our work.

Below are our current fees:

User Verification: $5.00 USD (Required to bid or list an item for sale)

Highlighted Item: $10.00 USD

Category Featured: $5.00 USD

Home Page Featuring: $25.00 USD

Extra Images (8 Included): $1.00 USD


Basic Store with up to 20 listings: Free

Store Plus (50 listings): $10.00 USD one time fee.

Featured Store: $10.00 USD, recurring every 30 days, 200 listings, featured on home page.

For advertising on our website, please reach out to us.

Please note, at the moment, featured listings do not 'expire'. We may revisit our policy on this in the future as we do not want these sections to become oversaturated.