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Bitter Rabbit Fursuit Spray

Its time for tea. Bitter rabbit is a mellow black tea, bergamot and vanilla scent with a gentle touch of lavender.

$15.00 USD
Trinketworks (0)


Lion Head + Paws

Originally created by Geekpaw Productions in August 2020

$535.00 USD
SugarHigh (0)


Experimental SFW Fullbody Commissions

Taking on a few experimental commissions! These will include shading, coloured lined, and a background - all of which will be a little more experimental and different to ...

£40.00 GBP
stoat (0)


Headshot Commissions

A custom digital headshot/icon of your sona or character! These will come with a transparent and simple background version, and can come shaded or unshaded for no addit...

£15.00 GBP
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Zombie Doberman fursuit

comfortable neoprene lininggood vision/ventilationvelcro eyelidstwo velcro tonguesairbrushed detailsfullbody design will be sent to the buyer (PSD file for editing can be...

$625.00 USD
Gomineko (0)

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Cyber African Wild Dog

African wild dog character with 7 pieces

$45.00 USD
UnholyEmpire (0)

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Galaxy Dragon adopt

Galaxy dragon design with 5 pieces and the potential of a finished fursuit head

$75.00 USD
UnholyEmpire (0)

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Fox Suit

Complete basic Fox suit

$200.00 USD
Polecat (0)

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Albino Crow Ladder Auction

Ladder Auction for an Albino Crow Fursuit

$500.00 USD
Kickback_Studios (0)

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HQ Tiger Tail by Pinku's Crafty Cottage

Tail bought at FWA 23, not worn for more than like 10 minutes to try on. Has a loop to attach a wristband or something to keep from dragging and high quality webbing for ...

$150.00 USD
tylershep (0)

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Premade Handpaws

Brand new ! Includes custom character !

$200.00 USD
SkunkFunk115 (0)


Maned Fox Adopt

Maned Fox design, wanted to use things that compliment the red.

$75.00 USD
Raspberry_Fruit_Fox (0)

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Red Panda Mini Partial

Brand new "trans panda" mini partial.Comes with head, hand paws, and a massive 5 ft floor dragging tail!Head is nearly fully lined, image of the lining is shown...

$1,850.00 USD
KnHProductions (0)

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Koi kat partial pre claim

Little disclaimer: sorry for the scruffy work I couldn’t afford a shaver. But! When a commission comes in it won’t be so scruffy!

$1,000.00 USD
Vapor_roo (0)

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Deer Fursuit (read description)


900.00 AUD
SplitDyeFursuits (0)

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Fursuit head wip! UNFINISHED


$100.00 USD
sneakySnix (0)